Year 5 Visit the Ancient Technology Centre

Over the last two weeks, Year 5 were extremely fortunate to be able to visit the amazing Ancient Technology Centre in Cranbourne.

As soon as we arrived, the children were in awe of the site. There were Mesolithic, Saxon, Roman and Viking buildings everywhere! The children were most impressed by the sheep though..


We went into the Viking long haul to meet our guides for the day and hear a little bit about the centre. During the day we were able to do a range of Viking activities including; grinding wheat in the granary to make flour, wood-chopping for home building, weaving, archery, fire-making and black smithing. We even got to eat our lunch in the Viking longhouse with a roaring fire to keep us warm!

At the end of the day we made bread from the flour we had ground. We cooked it over the fire and ate it.

It really was a fantastic day!