Year 5’s Groovy Greek Assembly

Year 5 performed a very Groovy Greek assembly for us, demonstrating the clear enjoyment they found in their topic last half term. Their performance included story telling, drama and song.

Together, they took us back to Ancient Greece and the battle of Troy. Legend tells us that King Menelaus’s beautiful wife, Helen,  had escaped to the city of troy with prince Paris. King Menelaus sent an army to bring her back. King Menelaus  and his year group of backing singers then performed a song to explain his disdain at his wife leaving him and his intentions to win her back.

Meanwhile, Queen Helen sang her own song (alongside her year group of backing singers) to explain why she did not want King Menelaus back.


Cunningly, King Menelaus’s army created the Trojan horse and snuck their way into Troy, where they defeated Paris and his warriors.

It all ended with Helen returning home with King Menelaus. It was a fun filled performance assembly and we are very proud of our Year 5 for performing so well and happy that they enjoyed their learning so much.