Year 5’s Home Learning

It has been another great week of home learning. We have been really impressed with the children’s commitment to completing their Maths challenges daily and the English writing this week has been of such a high standard. Some very proud teachers. This week the Year 5 children were also set other challenges. Miss Milliner challenged the children this week to design their own theme park. We had so many ideas from Ferris wheels, roller coasters, log flumes and more importantly, candy floss stalls and soda stops!

Mrs Michelo also challenged the children this week to find out about how a rainbow is formed and to present their findings in any way they chose. And with the weather this week, it couldn’t have been more apt. We were really impressed by how imaginative the children’s ideas were for showing what they found out. Will even tried to grow his own rainbow!

One of the other challenges this week was set by Mrs Watson. As part of the children’s well-being, Mrs Watson set them the challenge to stop and stay very still. They had to think about what they could see, feel and hear. We had some very interesting ideas. My favourite response was from Harvey who said he couldn’t feel anything as his mum had told him to stay still!

It is also great to hear from you about other things you have been up to. This week Danny ran his first ever 5k! And Lauren C had a surprise visitor to her dads work… a snake! We are looking forward to seeing more great work next week.