Year 6 Arts Week!

It may only be the first full week back at school, but the children have already started to shine during Arts Week. The children have really embraced our Aladdin theme, throwing themselves into some challenging and complex artistic tasks!

We started by exploring different sketching techniques, and used these to produce some intricate and detailed sketches of famous Aladdin characters.

From there, the children have split into smaller groups, where they have experimented using pastels, charcoal and watercolour.

Some have even had a go at sewing fabric Arabian slippers!

One particular favourite activity was producing ‘Zentangle’ landscapes, again using a variety of artistic mediums such as pastels and posca pens.


For the rest of this week, we will be experimenting with weaving, metal embossing and observational drawing skills. We are really excited at the prospect of what the children have to offer, and I am sure their final products will look fabulous on display. A really positive start to the year!