Year 6 Autumn Term ICT… (Stop! Animation time!)

In Year 6 ICT this term we have been using a computer programme called HUE Animation. The children have been introduced to the creative world of ‘stop animation’. Try and think ‘Wallace and Gromit!’

After observing some excellent examples, enthusiastically completing storyboards, toing and throwing with their ideas, planning in teams: with some great discussions. And finally,  preparing resources to bring in to use from home, the children are now putting together their ideas.

Precise and intricate  movements are required and a steady hand is needed to capture the perfect scene! Patience and resilience, and a sense of belonging amongst the groups has enabled hundreds of photos to have been pieced together to create some high quality and entertaining short movie moments. From Harry Potter Lego to racing cars, toy wrestlers, foil ducks, chocolate bars and wrappers, plasticine props and much much more, it has been a wonderful learning opportunity that the children have thoroughly enjoyed.