Year 6 go mental for Maths!

Last week, we had great fun our maths lessons!

We recapped all the mental strategies we have been taught and should use.

These strategies include:

• Use of doubles/ halves
• Rounding and adjusting
• Bridging through 10 (mental number line)
• Partitioning
• Rapid recall ( just knowing it)

At the beginning of the week, the children solved calculations that involved them bridging through 10 and rounding and adjusting. For both of these strategies, the children used the Cuisenaire Rods to help their understanding and solve calculations (where these strategies were appropriate).

We then went onto using the, ‘Family of 4’ to help us add larger numbers. We revised the family of 4 (what operations are the inverse of each other). The children were then able to move on and solve calculations using their knowledge of the power of 10.

On Thursday, children had the opportunity to investigate patterns within times tables which they struggled with. They worked in small groups and had to come up with a criteria (what they noticed about the answers and patterns they spotted). They really enjoyed this task and the discussions that went on were great. The language /mathematic vocabulary the children were using showed great understanding. Each class created a class rules poster for multiplying.

Finally, on Friday the children were given a range of calculations, where they were able to successfully use all the mental methods they had revised. Children had to carefully select an appropriate method and then were asked to explain what/why they had solved it that way.









Well done year 6 on working really hard – fantastic effort!