Year 6 KPS Lions Roar!

Year 6 have been showing off their artistic and creative abilities recently. They were challenged to produce their own KPS Lion after being shown an example of a lion made out of triangles and shaded with pastel colours. As you can see, the children stepped up to the mark and produce some outstanding pieces.

They began by being given a variety of images to use as inspiration. They then drew out a rough draft of what they wanted to produce, as well as using colouring pencils or chalk based pastels to see which colours complemented one another.

Once happy with their drafts and colour choices, the children began to produce their final copy of their lions. They took their time with their unique efforts and added detail as their efforts naturally evolved.

It was a real pleasure to see how much effort the children put into this challenge. They were so excited to be able to draw something so close to their hearts. Especially as we enter the last few weeks of their KPS journey. The joy and pride on their faces as they showed the adults in the classroom is a memory that we will all hold close to our hearts for a long while. We are so proud of how well the children are doing in all areas and the maturity that they are showing.