Year 6 trip to Bournemouth Natural Science Museum

As arts week drew to a close, Year 6 had the chance to visit the Bournemouth Natural Science Museum. The owners kindly opened the museum up just for us, so we had the chance to explore the entire museum by ourselves, and take time to look at all the amazing artefacts on display.

The children had the chance to listen to some guest speakers, including an Egyptologist and a geologist. They found some fascinating items in the museum, including a sarcophagus, some rare Egyptian artefacts and one of Napoleon’s ancient travel books, written on his return from visiting Egypt!

We then had the chance to settle down on some sketching, and really focus on the concept of arts week. We were able to spend time looking at one of the most complete and extensive collections of taxidermy species, and the children could really get up and close with some of the specimens, including golden eagles and hawks. We even had chance to hold some of the live cockroaches!

Afterwards, the children retired to their favourite part of the museum, and took time to add to their art work, focusing on the detail of the different animals on display. We were really lucky to have had this opportunity, and want to thank the museum staff for going out of their way to welcome us and for their hospitality.