Year 6 turn to the environment…

This half term, the children in year 6 were set the very ambitious task of designing their own environmental protection project, as part of their lhome learning. The children took inspiration from existing projects within the UK, and over the past several weeks, they have teamed up to shape their own ideas. The children were not expected to deliver this project, but rather spend the time planning and justifying why they chose their particular idea.

This was one of the most engaging home learning projects we have seen, and it was great to see so many of the children working through their lunch break and bringing in things to show us, as their ideas progressed. Finally, on Friday, we held our presentations. The children had the opportunity to present their ideas to the rest of the year group, and pitch their projects. There were so many different ones, that it took us most of the afternoon to listen to them all!

One group wrote and printed their own environmental story, pitched at children in Reception, in order to increase awareness of environmental problems in the oceans. They also built a large whale and intend on using it to collect various recyclable plastics, and really demonstrated great commitment towards their project. Alongside this idea, we had environmental website ideas, a campaign to ‘save the bees’, and a whole host of detailed, locally inspired projects.

We found it incredibly difficult, but eventually we chose the winning entries to visit the EcoHub in Poole Dolphin Centre on Thursday. The children will be there from 11am until 3pm, presenting their ideas to the public, and showing off their excellent designs. All children who presented their ideas were given three star points, as they put in such a great amount of effort. Well done year 6!