Year one stop, look and listen!

This week year one have been learning all about road safety and why it is important to stay safe on the roads.

First they had some very special visitors who introduced them to Tiegan and the road safety officer. They had some really useful tips on how to stay safe on the roads and why it is important.

Then the children learnt all about the Green Cross Code which is a set of rules that you need to remember before crossing the road. After that they made up some actions to help them remember:




Once the visitors had gone they discussed why road safety is so important and how they could let other people know what they had learnt. The children then made pictures about what they had learnt to help spread the word about road safety and how important it is.

‘Hold hands with an adult’

‘Wait for the green man’

‘Stay on the pavement’

After that the children were set the task of writing road safety instructions in their star write.