Year two complete their Science experiment at home!

Some of our Year two pupils have been testing out their Science skills and knowledge at home.  The children had already planned their Science experiment at school so Mrs Elder challenged them to carry out the test at home.  They needed to find out what material would be best for a boat.  We had decided to use foil, paper or fabric.

Riley undertook the experiment first, making some impressive looking boats made from paper and foil. He found that they both floated pretty well!

Lenny tested his boats in the bath and found that the fabric one sunk straight away.  The paper boat floated well until after 20 minutes it absorbed the water and sank.

Lincoln had the same results as Lenny.  Fabric was definitely the worst because of all the tiny holes….it wasn’t waterproof at all!

Florence was very proud of her boats!  She made her fabric boat out of very thick material but it still sank quickly.  The paper and foil boats were nice and light and floated well.

Oliver actually wrote up his experiment which was very impressive and found that plastic was also waterproof.

Thank you so much panthers for carrying out the test at home.  It has been wonderful to see you all working hard on this investigation.  Keep up the good work!