Year Two get Tally-Tastic!

Last week, Year Two were given a tally-tastic challenge!  As their well-being challenge they were asked to do a rainbow walk as part of their daily exercise.  Mrs Elder posted a video of her daughters obtaining some data using a tally chart!  Lots of the children did exactly the same, counting items from their chart as they went along.

Many of the children found over 20 rainbows in their neighborhood!  We are so proud of the children for following the social distancing rules as they undertook this challenge. Below you can see Scott, Riley, Dean and Chloe’s fantastic tally charts.


Some children chose to obtain data inside their own house and counted things like fruit and socks for their tally chart.

Following this, Mrs Beauchamp asked the children to put their data into a pictogram.  It wasn’t as simple as it looked as they had to use one picture for two tallies.  This really helped the children practise counting in twos! Below you can see Amara, Chloe and Zachary’s impressive work.

Finally, Mrs Weller posed some questions to answer about the data.  She was really impressed with the children that followed through with all three videos and emailed the year two team their fantastic work.  Below is Lincoln’s super work.  Many Year one children also took part in the challenges and did so well.  Great work Key Stage one!