Year Two’s Cloudy Lesson

This week Year Two have based all their writing on a cloudy lesson!  They started off the week watching a beautiful video about a boy and an old man.  They climbed high up on a strange platform and the old man blew clouds from a strange invention.  The boy was disappointed when he couldn’t make the clouds then, fell and broke the cloud machine!  However, he was determined to fix the problem and made the invention into a different shape.  This time the cloud maker made different shaped clouds.

The story ended with the small boy and old man cuddling on the platform, admiring their creations.

The children ordered pictures from the story and wrote sentences for each one.  Brian did a really super job of this, using his best handwriting.  He checked his sentences carefully for capital letters and full stops.

The next day, the children were asked to walk around a room in their house and imagine they were in the setting from the story.  They thought of adjectives to describe what they could see, hear, feel and smell.  The children did so well and came up with some really powerful adjectives.

George in 2PPSW could hear some lovely but noisy birds!

Dylan in 2PPSW could hear some traffic in the distance and could also smell yummy hot chocolate!

On Thursday the children looked closely at the characters in the story.  Mrs Elder wrote a character description of the boy and challenged the children to do the same for the old man in the story.

Nick in 2JG managed to think of so many adjectives to describe him.  He thought the man looked ‘jolly.’

Martha in 2JG really impressed us with her 2A sentences and remembered to use commas.

After all that hard work, Year Two were treated to a film quiz on Friday!  They learnt about different types of story endings and then named some films and decided what type of ending it was.  The children then went on to think of their own endings to The Cloudy Lesson.

Caeden wrote a super cliff-hanger ending using Mrs Elders story board to help him.

Riley in 2SH wrote such a super ending and even showed he could use speech marks!

Well done, Year Two for working so hard on your writing this week.  We are really proud of you.