Yo, Ho, Ho! Year 1 Pirates

Year 1 have continued to learn about pirates in this terms topic and have produced some more fantastic work in their second week of working from home.

We have been continuing to learn more facts about pirates including, where they were found; what they looked like and what they did. The children at home have amazed us with their fantastic writing again!


The children were also set the task of creating a self-portrait of themselves as a pirate and think of a pirate name they would choose from themselves.



We think that the children would make a fantastic pirate crew and they would terrify the high seas! We even had some jellyfish pirate princesses joining the crew!



When on board a pirate ship, it is very important to keep an eye on the weather in case of storms. So we also recorded a weather chart for the week.


Of course, no self-respecting pirate would be complete without his or her treasure chest in which to store all their  booty!


We look forward to seeing what work you get up to next week, Mateys!