Yr 2’s Marvellous Models

Friday 26th February was ‘Tech/Screen Free Friday’, which was enjoyed by everyone whilst working from home. The aim was to set some tasks that the children could do for the day without using their screens!

In Year 2, we have been learning all about Lord Nelson and HMS Victory. During the week, we created a non-chronological report and found out about Nelson’s early life, his appearance’ and his battles and death. He had some rather unfortunate misfortunes as he lost half of his right arm in a battle and also his right eye was badly damaged by stones and splinters from a bursting cannon ball.

Next, we moved on to learning about his famous ship, HMS Victory. We found out that it took 2,500 oak tress to build the ship, that there were 100 cannons on board and that the decorative stern was called the Gingerbread. Finally, we discovered what life on board was like. It was rather gruesome!

Then on Friday, we set the children a challenge to create their own HMS Victory, write instructions for how to make it and finally to design a symmetrical flag. The children watched a video explaining the task and showing an example of how to create a model HMS Victory using recycled materials from around the house. Then they were free to be as creative as they liked!

We were blown away with the fantastic models that were made. They were amazing! We were so impressed with the effort and detail.

Everyone worked so hard on their models! And … we even had an HMS Victory CAKE!!! Wow! Doesn’t it look incredible and delicious! So clever!

Thank you to everyone who partook and enjoyed Screen Free Friday!