School Council

Welcome to our new School Council for 2018-2019 and welcome back to our old members.  Each of our members has been carefully selected by their classmates to represent them in our meetings. We meet fortnightly to discuss ways we can make our school even better and we also listen to any concerns children may raise and try to address them.

We chair our meetings ourselves and take our own minutes, with a little help from Mrs Cutler, Mrs Bainton and Mrs Power.  We also organize fund raising events and all the money we raise is spent on the pupils of Kingsleigh. So far, this year we have learnt the lingo used in our meetings, such as agenda, majority, vote and minutes. We are also currently planning a fun, fundraising day linked to our school lion theme. So watch this space!

In addition to each class representative, two members of our School Council will continue their role on our Academy Trust Pupil Parliament.  This is an extremely important role as they represent all Kingsleigh pupils when they meet every half term with representatives from the other six schools in our Trust.  They discuss joint projects, how we can all help our local community and share tips on what works really well in our individual schools, so that we can learn from and support each other.