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8th October 2021

Year 4 Get to Know the Boy King

Year 4 have been ecstatic for all things Egyptians this half term, so it is safe to say that they have been giving their latest…

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13th September 2021


Year 5 have been thrilled by the amazing underwater kingdom in the book Flotsam this week.  They explored the story of a boy who finds…

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7th July 2021

Reporting a Mermaid

Year 3 learnt the story of The Little Mermaid, only to then receive an exciting video news report of an actual mermaid sighting at a…

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25th June 2021

Making a splash in Reception

Reception have made a great start to our new topic, “What is in the water?” We have been enjoying new roleplay areas, investigating seaside objects,…

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17th June 2021

Year Two’s Tremendous Text Map!

As part of our ‘bees’ topic we are going to write our own version of Jack and the beanstalk.  So we decided to learn a…

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16th June 2021

Double Page Spreads

As we approached our break, Year 6 were enjoying themselves whilst creating double page spreads for their most recent English and Maths studies. The children…

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27th May 2021

Design and Technology (Hamlets)

  Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been very busy planning and designing their very own Land of Neverbelieve Hamlets! The children…

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24th May 2021

Mighty Rivers

Year 5 have been fascinated by rivers this half- term.  Firstly, we  learnt about the water cycle and the role of rivers in the…

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19th May 2021

Year Three Cartoon Capers

Year Three have been busy exploring cartoons! We started by looking at direct speech and the use of inverted commas in our grammar work. The…

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17th May 2021

The Land of Neverbelieve

Year 6 have had a couple of splendid weeks in school. They have been busy creating their own adventure narratives in English using the illustrated…

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12th May 2021

Year Two Poetry Performers!

As part of our Africa topic, Year Two have been reading, writing and performing poems about African animals.  We began by reading a selection of…

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23rd April 2021

Internal Monologue – Replay

Year 6 had another superb week in school as we approached the Easter break.  They were fully committed to writing their internal monologues, inspired by…

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