School Blog: Maths

11th December 2020

Amazing Addition in Year 5

This term, we are looking at addition. First,we revised both methods, using the mental methods we had learnt and thought about when different methods might…

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9th December 2020

Marvellous Mathematicians!

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been busy remembering and learning some new strategies to use when solving problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication…

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4th November 2020

Year 6 back on the Maths!

Since returning to school this term, year 6  have worked extremely hard in their Maths lessons.  So far, we have revisited place value (reading and…

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5th October 2020

Curious cuisenaire maths

The Year 2 children have been exploring Cuisenaire rods in maths. These rods are really useful for children as they try and visually understand key…

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29th September 2020

Marvellous Mathematicians Return to Y5

Year 5 are off to a flying start in Maths this half term. They have been focusing on place value through reading numbers, identifying the…

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25th February 2020

Amazing Algebra

This week the children have been learning algebra in Year 6. This is traditionally something children are intimidated by, and it can be a nerve-wracking…

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6th February 2020

Fraction Fun

This week in Year 3, we have begun looking at fractions. We have used the Cuisenaire Rods to help us with our understanding of…

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19th December 2019

Year 2 maths

This week year 2 have been continuing their work on multiplication.  We began by putting objects into equal groups and then we looked at arrays. …

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18th December 2019

Learning Addition in Reception

We have been telling number stories in Reception. We began using apples to help us tell the stories.     ‘Before I had 6, then I…

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3rd December 2019

Maths investigation

In maths, we have applied our understanding of arrays to complete our investigation. We began to draw out a chocolates box with 36 spaces, but…

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29th November 2019

Addition & Subtraction Madness!

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been learning about the different ways we can add and subtract mentally. We explored strategies such as…

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13th November 2019

Subtracting practically

Year 6 have been focusing on the four operations in Maths – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. At the start of our subtraction unit of…

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