School Blog: Pre-School

21st June 2021

At full capacity!

In preschool, we have been enjoying playing with the water in this lovely warm weather. We have explored using different containers to pour water into…

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5th May 2021

Measured Fun

In preschool, the children were challenging themselves by pushing their cars down the slide. After observing the children and listening to their ideas,…

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23rd March 2021

Garden makeover!

We have been very fortunate to have a new surface laid in our preschool garden. Whilst the children were busy at home learning, in preschool…

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24th February 2021

Little Red Riding Hood

In preschool, we have been enjoying the story Little Red Riding Hood. We learnt about the characters and the setting of the story. Little Red…

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8th February 2021

Shape Hunt

The preschool children at home and in school have been learning about 2D shapes including circles, rectangles, squares and triangles. The first challenge was for…

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28th January 2021

Peace At Last

Preschool children enjoyed the story, “Peace at Last” at the beginning of a new week. The main character in the story is Mr Bear, who…

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25th January 2021

Patterns Part Two

The children in preschool and those at home were set another challenge all about patterns. After looking for patterns, we then had a go at…

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14th January 2021

Patterns all around

The preschool children were set a challenge to look for patterns in their home and out and about. Mrs Cartwright had a look around preschool…

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4th December 2020

Making our Mark

In preschool we have lots of opportunities for the children to develop their mark making skills. During child initiated play, children like to explore their…

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9th October 2020

Colours of the rainbow

In preschool this half term we are learning about colour and colour mixing. We are exploring how to mix colours to make a new colour…

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27th May 2020

Superb superworms!

Pre school have been very creative with worms at home! Miss Stockley read the story Superworm which we all enjoyed. The children were then given…

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5th May 2020

Calling all Superheroes!

We have had lots at fun setting superhero challenges for the children in preschool and they have not disappointed with their fantastic efforts. First, they…

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