School Blog: Year 1 – Tigers

23rd May 2022

Year One’s Magic Spell Pots!

In Year One this week, we have explored a range of resources to make observational drawings and discussed why artists might use a range of…

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27th March 2022

G’day from Year 1

Year 1 have been exploring life in Australia this half term and had great fun learning on our ‘Australia Day’. The children were invited to…

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22nd March 2022

Cute chicks!

Year 1 have had the privilege of hatching baby chicks in our school over the past few weeks. They arrived as eggs but have now…

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15th February 2022

Be Kind – a message from Year 1

The Year 1 children have created posters about being kind online as part of our Online Safety Day. We discussed the importance of using kind…

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13th December 2021

Great Fire of London in English

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London in Year one this half term. We have used a text map to help…

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22nd July 2021

Our All Around the World Home Learning!

This half term in Geography Year 1 have been learning about continents and countries around the world. For our home learning project we were set…

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12th July 2021

Year 1 Get Active!

Year 1 have been having so much fun getting fit and learning new sports skills this week. At the start of the week, we took…

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22nd June 2021

The Magnificent Year 1’s with their Flying Machines!

Year 1 came back after their half-term break to a very exciting challenge. They were asked to design their own flying machine and build it…

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15th June 2021

Castle day!

After learning all about castles we created double page spreads all about the local Corfe Castle. We decided to celebrate our hard…

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18th May 2021

Raft making for Zog!

This term in science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We were set the challenge to build a raft for Zog, so…

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19th April 2021

A special delivery for Year 1!

Year 1 have been having lots of fun learning all about different groups of animals in Science this term. As part of this, we have…

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31st March 2021

Chicken Run!

This half term, Year 1 have been continuing our learning all about animals and this week we have been learning about chickens. We started off…

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