School Blog: Year 3

27th June 2022

Recorders, recorders, recorders!

Year 3 have totally embraced learning their new instrument this term- the recorder! They began by learning how to hold their recorder correctly,…

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16th June 2022

Super Sculpture

Having previously explored sketching skills  and drawing characters inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake, we then moved on to planning sculptures of Ronald Dahl characters.

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20th May 2022

Illustrator Inspiration

Year 3 have been working on an art project inspired by the illustrator Quentin Blake. He illustrated most of Ronald Dahl’s books, as well as…

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17th May 2022

Year 3’s Amazing Art

Year 3 have jumped into our new topic full of enthusiasm and excitement. We are exploring the concept of ‘freedom’ within Art. We began the…

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5th May 2022

Fabulous Fractions!

Year 3 have enjoyed lots of practical Maths over the last two weeks. They have been exploring fractions of shapes, focusing initially on unit fractions.

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4th May 2022

Marvellous Mountains!

Year Three have been working hard completing home learning based on our wonderful project – Marvellous Mountains!   The brief was to choose…

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26th April 2022

Making Bug Houses

Year 3 have been making bug houses as our Design and Technology project. This follows on from our science learning about animals and their habitats.

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15th March 2022

Year 3’s brilliant math skills!

This week in year 3 we have been learning to divide using sharing, grouping and repeated subtraction on a number line. Everyone has been working…

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8th March 2022

Year 3 World Book Day

Year 3 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We started the day off with an online masterclass by the author Simon Farnaby. We…

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1st March 2022

Where do plants come from?

In Year 3, we have been learning about plants. As part of our learning, we looked at some different kinds of seeds, including cress, tomato…

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11th February 2022

Year 3 Safer Internet Day

In Year 3, we discussed which online games and apps we used, and thought about the possible dangers in using these, including usernames, talking to…

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3rd February 2022

Viva l’Italia Day

Year 3 have been enjoying a special Italian day at school. We have been learning about Italian culture and geography through lots of fun activities. The…

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