School Blog: Year 4

29th June 2022

Year 4’s Beach Bonanza

Every single Year 4 child has blown the adults away with their impeccable behaviour, fantastic attitudes and enthusiasm on our school trip. Each class took…

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27th April 2022

Year 4 Distinctive Domes!

Year 4 have been transformed into geodesic dome experts. During DT week, we learnt about what structures are, what they are made from and who…

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24th March 2022

South American Experience

Year 4 had a brilliant day learning and experiencing all things South American! We discovered which countries make up the continent of South America, looked…

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11th March 2022

Fun With Fractions

Year 2 have started looking at fractions this half term. We have used apples and jam tarts to identify halves and quarters, followed by our…

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9th February 2022

Staying Safe Online

This week in Year 4 we celebrated Safer Internet Day in our classes. We looked at different symbols of online gaming sites and social media…

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18th January 2022

Our Fantastic Cross-Country runners 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Throughout the term we have selected over 40 children from year 4-6 to attend various cross-country events including fun runs, 1 mile runs and finishing…

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18th October 2021

Carter’s Amazing Discovery

Year 4 became intrepid archaeologists today! We first looked at a photograph of Howard Carter in 1922 studying Tutankhamun’s golden sarcophagus. Everyone used their retrieval…

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13th October 2021

Perfecting Place value

Over the past 2 weeks Year 4 have been working extremely hard to recap place value of 3 digit numbers. We have enjoyed working practically…

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8th October 2021

Year 4 Get to Know the Boy King

Year 4 have been ecstatic for all things Egyptians this half term, so it is safe to say that they have been giving their latest…

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8th July 2021

Crazy Creatures visit KPS

Year 4 had a very exciting day last week when Crazy Creatures came to visit with their collection of cool critters. The session leader was…

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24th June 2021

Exploring the Rainforests!

Year 4 have had a fantastic few weeks exploring the rainforests. We have thought about where they can be found and what awesome animals and…

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18th June 2021

Water safety with the RNLI

Year 3 recently had the pleasure of having RNLI volunteers come to our school as part of our RNLI topic this half term. The…

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