School Blog: October 2020

23rd October 2020

Fabulous photo frames

This half term, year 5 have been designing and making their own photo frame.  First we looked at lots of structures (music stands, lamps etc)…

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22nd October 2020

Year Three Marvellous Maths

Year Three are busy being immersed into the world of number. The children have been learning about place value as well as addition and subtraction.

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21st October 2020

A typical week in Reception!

You would never believe that the children have only been in full time school for five weeks. They have settled well into every day routines…

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20th October 2020

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

This week the children in Reception have all been having lots of fun with another traditional tale; Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have…

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16th October 2020

Year 1 love aliens!

This half terms homework challenge has been such a hit! The teachers have been so impressed with the brilliant aliens and space ships. In fact,…

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15th October 2020

Year 2 ‘Black Lives Matter’

This week, Year 2 have spent time discussing differences. We discussed the fact that there are many differences between people and one of…

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12th October 2020

Outstanding PE for Year 3!

Year 3 have been outstanding with their PE skills this week. They have been working on some key skills that help them across a variety…

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9th October 2020

Colours of the rainbow

In preschool this half term we are learning about colour and colour mixing. We are exploring how to mix colours to make a new colour…

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8th October 2020

Epic Everest Fact Files

As part of our exciting ‘Epic Everest’topic, Year Two have been learning how to write fact files this week. After looking at a variety of…

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7th October 2020

Year 6 – Zentangles

In Year 6 Art this week we have been having fun by attempting to create our very own Zentangles! The Zentangle Method is…

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6th October 2020

Ships Ahoy!

Year 4 have had lots of fun creating sea themed artwork. First, we used watercolours to create a seascape background. We thought about how we…

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5th October 2020

Curious cuisenaire maths

The Year 2 children have been exploring Cuisenaire rods in maths. These rods are really useful for children as they try and visually understand key…

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