6NZ Makes Chocolate

As part of our curiosity week, the children wanted to know all about how the Maya made chocolate! We read the Mayan Fable ‘The Chocolate Tree’ which tells the story of how the Mayan god Kukulkan brought cacao beans from paradise and taught them how to turn it into chocolate.

First, we gathered our ingredients. 1/2 cup of cocoa butter, cocoa powder and coconut oil.

We mixed the dry wet ingredients in a bowl inside a bowl of warm water until they were combined and smooth.

Then we added the cocoa powder but by bit and stirred until smooth. Then we added in some agave syrup to sweeten the bitter chocolate.

The children each chose the flavours they wanted to add (chilli, goji berries or raisins were on offer)

Then, we refrigerated the chocolate for an hour.

Safe to say, the children enjoyed it!