A grand opening for Kingsleigh’s first Hedgehog House!

In Science we have been learning about the basic needs of animals, in particular the animals we have in the UK.  We have looked closely at the lives of hedgehogs and found out that these cute creatures are in danger because their natural habitats are being destroyed by building and farming and they can’t find enough food.

We were given the task of designing a hedgehog shelter for our forest school area on the field.  We had to ensure the four basic needs were met and labelled our designs with an explanation.  Our research told us that hedgehogs enjoy cat or dog food and they must never be given milk.

Maryam’s design had a special tunnel entrance to let air in and out.

Harper decided to have a sturdy roof to keep out the rain.

Bella’s design included dead leaves to camouflage the shelter from predators.

Taking all the designs into account, Miss Ambler made a beautiful wooden hedgehog shelter!  We had a grand opening of the shelter out on the playground and Mr Lumber cut the ribbon to make the occasion special.  Our hedgehog shelter is now out on the field in a camouflaged spot and we are hoping to see some cute hedgehogs living in it!