A Hooting Time!

Reception were really lucky to have a visit from Liberty’s Reptile and Raptor Centre this week.

After reading ‘Owl Babies’, we were really excited to be introduced to three owls in real life. We met Bramble, Frodo and Franklin.



  We listened really carefully and asked lots of questions. We learnt about what they ate, what time them went hunting and if owls do in fact turn their heads all the way around!


We were amazed to learn that the colour of the owl’s eyes shows us when the owls are active. Bramble has black eyes and comes out at night. Frodo has orange eyes and comes out at dusk, whilst Franklin has yellow eyes and hunts during the day.

We also leant that owls have wonky ears to make them better at hearing. Their right ear is higher than their left.

Owls also cant move their eyes without moving their heads. We can see our toes by moving our eyes but owls can’t do this. We tested it out just to make sure.

We can’t wait to learn more about owls next week and impress everyone with our fact writing.

We all have a favourite owl – which owl is your favourite?