A typical week in Reception!

You would never believe that the children have only been in full time school for five weeks. They have settled well into every day routines and are becoming enthusiastic learners. We are definitely proud teachers.

In English this week we have been working hard to put sounds together to make simple words – some of us are getting so clever we can even try putting the word into a sentence. We are learning a new sound every day.


We have continued our  reading of Traditional Stories and this week we have read Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have had so much fun making bridges for trolls to hide under.




We have had even more fun making troll masks and acting the story out – we are now experts at chanting ‘Who is trip trapping over my bridge’  in our best troll voices!



In maths we have been working really hard to learn the values of numbers. We have been trying to say how many items we can see without having to count them out individually – we find putting them into groups helps us do this. We are singing lots of maths counting songs. Five currant buns is one of our favourites. What counting song is your favourite?


With all this hard work we still manage to fit in a little bit of time for choosing and playing…. and of course making imaginary phone calls home to mum (or in some cases Mr Lumber) to tell them all about our day. Apparently anything can be used as a phone in Reception! Imagination is a wonderful tool!


I wonder what our busy little Reception children will get up to next week?