A Year 3 Ruckus!

Wow! Year 3 have been such a busy bunch over the last week completing and creating wonderful work at home! They continue to make us so proud with their amazing attitude to learning at home.

This week was it the turn of the year 3 teachers to set daily English challenges.  The Year 3 children have been completing writing activities linked to a short animation called ‘Ruckus’.

On Monday, Miss Tarrant set the challenge of an ‘Inside Out’ character analysis. The children drew the outline of a body and then used adjectives and nouns to label the outside of their drawing with details of the character’s appearance. Then they thought about the character’s emotions and personality traits (the things we can’t see) and added those to the inside of their drawing. The children produced fantastic work.

For their Tuesday work, Mrs Power set the children a challenge of creating a ‘WANTED’ poster. This was quite a long piece of work, but the children rose to the challenge and created some brilliant posters.

On Wednesday, Miss Wilson asked the children to look at pictures of the key events in the story and write some detailed sentences to explain what was happening. Once again, the children of KPS produced amazing work.

On Thursday, Miss Tarrant set the challenge of writing a newspaper article to inform people of the train robbery and jewel theft. Here are some of the reports that the children shared with us…

Finally, on Friday, we challenged the children to write the final part of the newspaper by adding a quote from a witness to the robbery. Then they added a drawing of the robber and a caption.  We love the finished ‘article’!


There has also been lots of maths work, mosaics, research about Boadicea and thinking about ways to be kind. Year 3, you are amazing! Thank you sharing all your learning!