Addition & Subtraction Madness!

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been learning about the different ways we can add and subtract mentally. We explored strategies such as rounding and adjusting, bridging, number bonds, finding the difference and many more! We also discussed which strategy was the most effective strategy to use for different calculations.

This week, we began looking at how to solve addition and subtraction calculations where we cannot do them mentally. We were introduced to column addition and column subtraction. At the beginning of the week we tackled some tricky addition problems where we needed to use column addition. Our teachers were really proud of how we demonstrated Astro Aspiration and aspired to challenge ourselves within our learning.

We then moved on to column subtraction. We began by exploring column subtraction using counters. We knew that with subtraction we are given the whole and we used counters to represent this. We then looked at the number we needed to take away and began with physically taking away the one counters. It was all going really well until  we came across 50 – 70. Luckily we knew that we had to exchange. We had to exchange from the next column along and learnt how to show this in our formal written method.

We are excited to apply our addition and subtraction learning to some tricky problems later this week!