Aliens in Underpants Save the World!

Year 1 have been studying the book ‘Aliens in Underpants Save the World’ by Claire Freedman. We have really enjoyed performing a text map based on the story and writing descriptions of the crazy pants in the illustrations in the story!

Aliens in Underpants Save the World, Underpants Books by Claire Freedman | 9781442427686 | Booktopia

One of our favourite activities has been to design and decorate our own pants in the style of the book, using fabric paints and pens. We loved using the bright colours and thinking of interesting patterns  to use.



Some of us couldn’t resist trying on our pants when we had finished – but we’re not not sure we put them on right?!



Our colourful pants are going to be used as part of our Year 1 display and we think they will really brighten up the corridor and make people smile!