Always Take The Weather With You

In Science, during the summer term, year 2 have been learning about materials. We started by identifying different materials we could see around the classroom and use in our day-to-day lives. Once we could identify the materials around us we began to explore their properties. We noticed that some are hard and rigid whereas others are light and flexible.

As the unit ended, we planned an experiment to find out which material was most suitable for making an umbrella. The children had the choice of paper, plastic and fabric.

After learning how to create a fair test, we tried to predict which umbrella would be the best and then it was time…

So we measured the water and met as a year group in the KS1 playground.


It was going quite well but then…


Following the investigation, the children went back to their classes to write up their results and compare them to their predictions.

Well done Year 2 and remember…NEVER buy an umbrella that is made out of fabric.