Amazing Year 2 African Drumming 🥁

Last term, Year 2 learnt all about Africa. We focussed on the landscape in Kenya, the Kenyan culture and animals that are native to the country.

To celebrate the end of this topic and all the children’s hard word, we had an exciting visitor last week who taught us all about African drumming. The children were delighted to find out they were going to be able to have a go at drumming themselves!

The first drum we learnt about was the ‘djembe’. Using this drum, the children learnt three different drumming techniques: the bass, tone and slap. It was incredible to listen to the different sounds that you could make simply by hitting the drum in a different way/place.

Djembe - Wikipedia

Here are some photos of us enjoying our African drumming and practising these three different drumming techniques:

Once we had all got the hang of these drumming techniques, the children were able to drum along to their own rhythms and we were amazed with the excellent talent the children demonstrated!


At the end of the day, the year group gathered together (at a distance!) outdoors and participated in an incredible drumming performance. We listened to some drumming songs performed by our guest and the teachers even got involved with some singing and dancing too! Check out some of the photos below 😃


It was such a fantastic experience and the children loved their day. Hopefully they told you all about the fun they had when they came home!