An excellent week for Year 6!

We are so proud of the children in Year 6 this week. They are certainly getting into the swing of things, in terms of learning from home now, and we really look forward to seeing all of the wonderful work they produce and send in.

This week they have been continuing their work on the Mayans. We asked the children to create some of their own Mayan jewellery and we have seen some amazing creations.

Alfie’s bracelet

Danny’s necklace

Luke’s necklace

Roxanne’s jewellery

The children have also discovered that Mayans were very skilled builders and so have been looking into Mayan houses and pyramids. Here is some of the excellent work we have seen sent in based on what has been researched at home.

Hayley’s research

Will’s research

Research from Jamila

We also asked the children to make their own Mayan hot chocolates. The Mayans drank a very rich and flavoursome hot chocolate which included chilli powder! Whilst enjoying following the Mayan recipe, most children were keen to revert back to their favourite hot chocolate after trying it and we did see some sneaky marshmallows on top too!

We will be continuing our topic work on the Mayans next week and can’t wait to see what Year 6 produces!