Antarctic Adventures in Year 6!

This term Year 6 have been learning about the continent of Antarctica and its features.

They first explored their own place in the world, locating the United Kingdom using globes and atlases. The children learnt more about the physical and human features of landscapes before applying these skills to learn about the continent at the South Pole.

During the project, the children enjoyed finding out about the explorers Shackleton and Captain Scott and their missions to conquer Antarctica. They watched a livestream of the Endurance 22 retracing Shackleton’s voyage of over 100 years ago and have recently enjoyed watching news coverage of the discovery of Shackleton’s ship beneath the waves where it sank.

The project has been used to inspire the writing of adventure stores set in the Antarctic.

Finally, the children used all the knowledge gained to create some lovely double page spreads about Antarctica. In the information, they compared this frozen continent with the United Kingdom. Here are some examples of their fantastic learning.