Arts week in Reception

This week we have been learning all about different types of buildings.

We have talked about our own homes and where we live, then we went on to look at buildings in Greece, Japan, Norway and the UK.

We practised printing different patterns to create different styles of houses.


We used bricks, stickle bricks, pasta and bubble wrap to create different shapes.

We then used water colours to create a variety of backgrounds for our houses.


Then we used different materials and shapes to design each house.  Can you guess where our houses belong?


We have also been learning about different shapes in Maths and looking at paintings by Kandinsky, who used shapes of different sizes to create his paintings. We then had a go at painting our own.


We have had a great arts week and have enjoyed painting, printing and learning all about homes around the world and famous artists. Why not have a go at some of these at home.