Astronauts in Action!

This week, Year 5 have been introduced to their new topic- Space. Although it has only been a short time, we have already learnt so much about the different planets, the moon and its different phases, and have researched about the exciting adventure that Tim Peakes embarked on in 2015.

On Friday, the children took part in a non-screen day. The objective of this day was to reduce the amount of time children spent in front of the screen by offering them a range of different activities that would require minimal research and resources.

We were very lucky to receive a message from a real Space Doctor, Pete, who told us all about his application to the European Space Agency to become an astronaut. Pete explained to the children what being an astronaut entails and what qualities an astronaut should possess. Additionally, he told us why he feels he would make a good astronaut and the children were excited by his life experiences in the RAF and the research that he has been a part of. We were left with an inspiring message from Pete to always dream big and to never give up!

The children’s first task was to write an application to the European Space Agency explaining why they thought themselves or Pete would make a brilliant addition to the team.

Harvey’s letter was really well presented. It is great to see him paragraphing his different ideas.

Ethan used the information that Pete gave us about the role of an astronaut to write a great application! ESA sign him up!

Tyler thought really carefully when deciding on what vocabulary to use to ensure that his application sounded as professional as possible. He used formal language and included some brilliant conjunctions.

Following this activity, children designed a space station. They had to make sure that they used the information from Pete, about life in space, to ensure they included all the essential rooms. For example Pete explained that on board the space station, the astronauts need a room to exercise daily to prevent the affect that anti-gravity has on the body. Also, children were asked to think about measuring each room in the space station accurately and were asked to calculate the perimeter. To do this the children needed to think of an appropriate scale to use.

Guilia calculated the perimeters of each room of the space station accurately!

Jenson thought carefully about what rooms are needed in a Space Station.

In school, children looked at how astronauts eat in space and made their own astronaut pudding consisting of angel delight, powdered milk and water!

Here you can see Tyler and Jacob adding water to their angel delight and powdered milk as an astronaut would in space.

The girls are mixing the pudding using their hands. Astronaut’s pudding came in bags similar to make food easy to store and prepare.


Finally, following the exciting news recently, the children were asked to design their own rover that could discover new information about a planet of their choice. In school we used this opportunity to do some junk modelling.

Brooke, Huey and Miya created a brilliant rover, thinking carefully about how it would move around the surface of Mars.

Harvey, Pawel and Ethan worked extremely hard about the aesthetics of their bot!

Some Quotes from Y5 in school

“My favourite part of the day was making a robot with Mia and Guilia” Lily- Rose

“My favourite part of the non- screen day was making space food!” Pawel

“I enjoyed writing an application to the European Space Agency” Tyler- Jay

“I enjoyed helping Miss Milliner write the blog!” Jacob (Miss Milliner was very thankful for this!)


Overall a brilliant day had by all! We hope everyone at home enjoyed it as much as we did in school!