Awesome Art in Year 1

Year 1 loved having the opportunity to learn some new skills and show off their creativity during Arts Week!

The theme this year for Arts Week was Buildings. Year 1 learnt lots of facts about our own town of Bournemouth and studied and discussed some of the buildings and famous sights of the town.

We also learnt about some famous artists to inspire us. First, we learnt about Van Gogh and created some pictures of the buildings in Bournemouth inspired by his distinctive style.


Next, we learnt about the artist Paul Klee. We thought about how his abstract paintings are created using 2D shapes like squares, circle and triangles.

We had a go at creating our own Paul Klee inspired pictures by using 3D shapes to print. It was quite messy but we loved it!


We also created some more pictures using different materials to collage and added detail using pen.


Finally, we made pictures of Bournemouth Pier at night.


Our wonderful art work will now be displayed in the school!