Calling all Superheroes!

We have had lots at fun setting superhero challenges for the children in preschool and they have not disappointed with their fantastic efforts. First, they were asked to create a superhero mask. It had to be a brand new superhero they created.

We then asked the children to think of a name for their superhero. The name had to have words that all began with the same letter (alliteration). The children came up with some great names. Here are just a few examples:

Orange, Octopus, Oakley!

Princess, Poppy, Pretty, Pink, Pop-star! 

The superheroes were then asked to begin their superhero action training. They had to balance on one foot for 10 seconds, jump up band down 10 times and then bend and touch their toes 10 times.  Some superheroes even did their own training!

It has been brilliant to see the children enjoying their learning at home and we have really enjoyed watching the videos and seeing the photographs. We are very lucky to have so many superheroes!