Childhoods of the Past

Earlier this half term, year 2 were given the challenge of finding out what their grandparents’ childhoods had been like.  It was really interesting to find out about school, food, toys etc and we were also lucky enough to find out about other countries too.

The children had to think about what questions to ask and then remember those all important question marks, as Advaya did brilliantly.

Kara learnt about what her ‘Gramps’ played with when he was little.


William learnt about his nanny’s experience of living in London.


Riley found out what food his Auntie ate when she was a little girl.

Liliana found out about transport when her grandmother was little.

Maya found out that on Saturdays her Granddad would watch a cartoon at the cinema.

Marley found out about his Granddad’s childhood in South Africa.

I also asked my granny,who is 86, some questions and found out that she had to work very hard on the farm when she was a girl.

Well done Year 2 for all your brilliant research!

Mrs Beauchamp