Colour Crazy!

In Reception, we have been reading the book ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung, all about colours mixing and becoming friends.


The children have had a lot of messy fun experimenting with all the primary colours and mixing them to see what new colours they create.




We now know what red and blue mixed together makes – do you?


We have also been sorting colours in the classroom and have enjoyed making lots of rainbow themed construction.


Some of the children have enjoyed the story so much that they have started to draw the characters in the book during their free time. We are so impressed with how the children are independently trying to label their pictures too!


After we learnt all about colours, we moved on to different shades. The children enjoyed using white paint to make different shades of a colour.

We have loved learning all about the different colours and we definitely have children as vibrant as the colours in the book!