Colours of the rainbow

In preschool this half term we are learning about colour and colour mixing. We are exploring how to mix colours to make a new colour and naming all the colours of the rainbow (with the help of a very catchy song!) All the books we are reading during story time are also all about colours!
We started with the story of Elmer. The children all helped to create our very own Elmer for a display. They chose the colours they wanted and the media they wanted to use. We had pom poms, tissue paper, paper, felt and wool. The finished Elmer looks very colourful and we are very proud of him!

One week we thought about how to mix the colour green. The adults showed the children that by mixing yellow and blue together it makes green. The children then explored for themselves how to mix to get the colour green.

The next story we read was ‘Wow, Said the Owl’. The children were brilliant, again, helping to create a display with all the colours the owl sees during the day.

We have also been sorting colours using the Compare Bears. They are lots of different colours (and sizes) and the children did a great job sorting and talking about what they had done and why.

We have more stories we are going to read and we’re looking forward to exploring more about colours through our stories, art and play.