Cracking chronological reports and much, much more!

This week, year 5 have been beavering away on their chronological reports about the Battle of Hastings and it’s significance for Britain.  The teachers were truly impressed by the quality of the reports produced by the children at home.  They were really successful as they included lots of time adverbials, conjunctions, historical language and they effectively used punctuation such as semi-colons, colons and brackets. Super examples below from Joey D., Max, Charlie, Freddie, Niamh and Mia…


We have been learning about forces in science this half term so the children looked at a fun video of what happens to a watermelon when you put lots of elastic bands around it.

Rylee, Jaycee and Kerry made brilliant comic strips to show what happened.



Another task this week was to produce a board game promoting wellbeing, with ideas for relaxation, happiness or  keeping fit and healthy.  Freddie and Rylee could have future careers as game designers we think!

For those who wanted to be creative, we asked the children to reproduce an image of a famous building in the style of Georges Seurat, who famously used dots to create his paintings.  Take a look at Charlie’s superb Leaning Tower of Pisa and Michelle’s fantastic picture of the Red Square in Moscow.  Teejay has created a stunning Shard in different shades of blue, which is really effective.  Continuing with the theme of famous London landmarks, Rylee has produced a wonderful 3D Big Ben.