Creative Creatures from Greek Mythology

To start off our Ancient Greece topic in Year 5, we have been exploring poetry. First, we looked at a variety of poems and identified the features we noticed and liked. Some of these included personification, metaphors and similes. We then researched our own mythological creature and magpie-ed language, phrases and invented our own similes and metaphors. Some of the best were ‘wings like a hurricane’ and words like ‘macabre’, ‘relentless’ and ‘torment’.

After that, we created rhyming charts using our understanding of spelling patterns and the sounds of words. We used this to help us to rhyme our second and fourth lines. We created our poems using all that we had learnt. We discussed in particular the structure of the poem and the rhythm. We found this tricky, so relied on clapping beats, almost like we would in a song, to hear the stresses in words.
Finally, we created images of our creatures, which we will now create into a flip flap book, where we can change parts of the poem and parts of the creatures to invent new ones.