Creative writing in Year 6

We are writing a narrative in Year 6 as part of our, ‘Preserving The Land of Neverbelieve’ topic. The children have been learning a text map based on the book, which is a common feature of our Talk for Writing approach to Literacy. The children explore a text structure first, depicting the vocabulary and structure of sentences, before studying an existing example, to help them become familiar with the language.

After learning the text map through actions and saying it aloud with the class, it was time to start writing their own version of the story. To help with this, we generated ideas as a class first. The children were given a series of key questions, such as: Can you describe how the character feels when they enter the island. What momento does he take home from his trip? How do his feelings change when he enters the sinister area of the island?

Using these, we will generate a bank of ideas , from which the children  can write their own version of the adventure story. The ideas will be collated to help the children who need a little extra support in lessons, whilst also benefiting confident writers, as it gives them a fresh perspective to consider. We are looking forward to their results!