Dino Discovery!

Year 2 have had a very exciting week! On Monday morning we had a Zoom call with a real life professor! Professor Bennett works at Bournemouth University and has worked all over the world finding dinosaur footprints and even bones and fossils! First of all, we wrote some questions that we wanted to ask him and focussed on starting our sentences with question words such as; what, how, when, where and why.

Then we all joined the Zoom call and took turns to ask him our questions. We found out lots of amazing facts and enjoyed speaking with him.

In the afternoon, we set about making our own dinosaurs out of clay! To begin with, we focussed on the skills that we would need such as rolling our clay into a ball, rolling a sausage shape, smoothing our clay pieces to join them securely and rolling clay between our finger and thumb to create small eye shapes.

We were very pleased with our dinosaurs!

Then we left them to dry and had to wait patiently as this process took a few days! Then it was time to paint our creations. We used thin brushes so that we could paint carefully and add detail such as eyes. We are so happy with the results! We hope you like them too!