Double Page Spreads

As we approached our break, Year 6 were enjoying themselves whilst creating double page spreads for their most recent English and Maths studies. The children were able to use their imaginations, edit their work, draft out ideas, plan ahead, and finally show off some wonderful artistic abilities.

The writing work was based on The Land of Neverbelieve, and the learnt skills in Maths (Fractions, Decimals and Percentages) were the main focus for presenting these fabulous double page spreads.

Creating these well presented pieces of work has enabled the children to gain confidence in a wide variety of areas. Revisiting and editing work, drafting and sketching out ideas before beginning, understanding how to plan and use space effectively, grabbing the attention of the audience and reader, developing shading skills, and giving their work care and attention are to name a few. On top of this, it was a fabulous way for the children to revisit and embed previous learning (a useful skill that they will take forward into Secondary Education).

A sense of immense pride in the children’s work has shone through whilst creating these exemplary efforts. We look forward to seeing more double page spreads in our last half-term.