Epic Everest and English!

Year 2 have started the term really well and our new topic is Epic Everest. The children will be exploring the lives of the first adventurers to climb the summit of Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. To celebrate their international success and feat of incredible achievement, the children have been learning about the climb itself and some of the challenges they faced along the way; from the dangerous Khumbu ice fall to the lack of oxygen near the summit.

To do this, the children have been learning a text map as part of our ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to English. They have spent the opening two weeks learning a recount using a series of pictures and key words, which help internalise the structure of a recount. The best part is creating actions for each part of the text map – as you can imagine, we get some very creative ideas! If you have a child in Year 2, ask them to show you some of their actions so far!

After this, the children have been internalising the text map further by reorganising a cut up version. This really tested their knowledge and understanding of the text. Two brave volunteers also offered to take on the persona of Edmund Hillary for the morning, as the rest of the class fired questions about his experience on top of the mountain. Well done to those children who were confident enough to stand in front of the class and answer some tough questions! To personalise the text map, we allowed the children chance to draw their own versions, using their own symbols and sketches. If the children can identify with a particular image or drawing, they are more likely to remember the content.

Next week, we will be writing our own version of the adventure as well as writing recounts on different events. The children have focused really well so far and we are proud of their achievements. Great job Year 2!