Everyone is an artist!

One thing that we have really been concentrating on in year 2 is expressing ourselves through art. Everyone has a different style and it is good to remember this. Everything that we draw is art!

To find our own style and way to draw we explored drawing in 6 different ways. First though, we had to collect some nature to draw. We went to our fantastic new forest school area to see what we could find. We discovered different leaves, bark , pine cones and even some flowers – all excellent inspiration for our drawings!

We used our nature items to create a series of drawings. We did a blind drawing where we were not allowed to look at the paper, we used our opposite hand to draw, we completed a speed drawing and we even tried to draw without taking our pencil off of the paper. It was interesting to see how different the same item looked in each new drawing!

After we had explored our drawing styles we had a go at using different medias such as charcoal or pastel. This changed the look of our drawings yet again!

Using our new found drawing skills and style we applied this to drawing a butterfly. We started off drawing what we saw and then we identified what we could do to make it better if we did it again… which we did. We carried on this process until we created the final product. Everyone tried really hard and created a wonderful final drawing. We hope you agree!