Evil Pea has escaped in Reception!

This week, Evil Pea escaped from the freezer! He was wreaking havoc in the Reception classrooms. There were green footprints everywhere!

We came in from lunch to discover that Evil Pea had frozen some carrots in ice! So we set out to free them by becoming scientists.

First, we tried to bash the ice to free the carrots!

Then we put them in the sunlight to see if this melted the carrots. Finally, we poured warm water over the ice to see if this worked. The warm water worked best and they were free!

We then came up with a devious plan to trap Evil Pea once and for all. We are going to trap him in melted chocolate! Using our knowledge from the ice experiment, we tried the same three ways to melt our chocolate.

The hot water melted the chocolate best. We have melted lots of chocolate and put it in a bowl. We have left the bowl in our classrooms to see what will happen over our long weekend! Let’s hope we can trap Evil Pea!