Fe Fi Fo Fum we can sense that great stories will come!

Year 2 have started a new text map this week which looks at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have loved learning all of the new actions for our longest text map yet. Our favourite bit seems to be the giant and his iconic phrase!

The teachers have been really impressed with how quickly Year 2 have learnt the words and we know that this will lead to great writing. We have used our brilliant brains to complete a cloze procedure looking at the time openers and adjectives within the text.

We have also delved into the features of a narrative and have been able to identify these within our text map. Our knowledge of adjectives continues to grow and we have been use this to help us find 2A sentences and similes within the fairytale. As well as this we plotted the main events on a story mountain to help us understand the story.